The Opes|Kaufmann Touch
Opes|Kaufmann is a privately-owned international investment firm that proudly holds equity in businesses worldwide. Our mandate is to acquire and nurture assets within a catchment of niches that align with our strategic appetites. These are primarily existing businesses with growth potential. We support the management in-situ to achieve tangible successes, reach wider audiences and streamline the activities in order to achieve higher profitability for shareholders.

Our name exemplifies our brand of excellence, service, collaboration and synergistic wealth creation. Opes|Kaufmann means “wealthy merchant”. ‘Opes’ being the ancient Latin word for exceptional wealth, and ‘Kaufmann’ being of German Jewish decent meaning a merchant or seller.

Unlike traditional angel investors or venture capitalists, in most cases we agree favourable terms with the partners/owners of the business, who become our 'entrepreneur-partner'. This allows him to retain ownership of the asset whilst foregoing a stake that justifies our risk and involvement. Together we rely on our collective efforts to facilitate the company's success thereafter in a typical 2-5 year window. With a long view, we are ultimately rewarded from the ongoing successes of the business in leveraging our capabilities and business acumen.

Our focus is the long-term success of the business as part of our overall portfolio. To this end, we invest heavily in the business with our tangible worldwide resources and connections, in order to help the company to grow and solidify its place within the market.

The result is a business that is given the opportunity to succeed even with limited financial investment in the early stages. Whilst direct consulting clients invest six figures, our entrepreneur-partners are given the opportunity to tap into the resources which we can put at it’s disposal in exchange for our equity stake.

The entrepreneur-partner focuses on the day to day operation of the business, implementing the plans we have worked on, delivering the services and managing the operational and day to day agenda; leaning on the Advisory Board provided by Opes|Kaufmann for ‘eagle’ executive level decision making, strategic insight and support.
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